Anyone over the age of 10 can be given an ASBO if they behave antisocially.

Behaving antisocially includes:

  • drunken or threatening behaviour
  • vandalism and graffiti
  • playing loud music at night

Getting an ASBO means you won’t be allowed to do certain things, such as:

  • going to a particular place, eg your local town centre
  • spending time with people who are known as trouble-makers
  • drinking in the street

An ASBO will last for at least 2 years. It could be reviewed if your behaviour improves.

Penalties for not obeying your ASBO

Breaking or ‘breaching’ the ASBO is a criminal offence and you can be taken to court. The sentence you get will depend on the circumstances and your age.

Young offenders

You can be fined up to £250 (if you’re aged 10 to 14) or up to £1,000 (if you’re aged 15 to 17). The fine may have to be paid by your parents if you’re under 16. You might also get a community sentence or, if you’re over 12, a detention and training order (DTO) for up to 24 months.

Adult offenders

You can be fined up to £5,000 or sentenced to 5 years in prison, or both.

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