A few examples of successful results achieved by our lawyers

R v P

Multi-handed violent disorder case lasting 3 weeks in the Crown Court. Jury returned unanimous verdict of Not Guilty for client and one other defendant. Remaining defendants each received 3 years and 4 years respectively

R v A

Client was charged with Possession with Intent to supply 300 grams of Class B Cannabis with a street value of £5000. Case was thrown out midway through trial following a Submission of no case to answer by defence advocates

R v H

Defendant charged with 2 counts of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm and two counts of Possession of an Offensive weapon following an alleged assault against an off-duty police officer. Jury returned unanimous verdict of Not Guilty to all counts

MA ( Police station matter)

Client was arrested in connection with a Gang connected Murder. Following one and a half days of interviewing from officers from Scotland Yard, client was result without further charge

R v A

A was charged along with 6 other defendants for an offence of Affray. Following a 13 day trial, jury acquitted all but one of the defendants

R v A

A was charged with Possession of an Offensive Weapon ( Machete). After been filmed on Borough CCTV to be chasing 4 individuals whilst armed with a 2 foot machete. A raised the defence of Self-defence. A unanimous jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty after 3 hours of deliberating.


Appeal against refusal by entry clearance officer (Respondent) to grant visa by Appellant to travel to the UK. Respondent was not satisfied that the Appellant was seeking entry to the UK to enable her marriage to the Sponsor to take place, nor that her relationship with the Sponsor was genuine and subsisting and that they intend to live together permanently in the UK. APPEAL ALLOWED: Tribunal found that the decision of the Respondent appealed was not in accordance with the law and the Immigration Rules.

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